Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Progress Delayed

There are things I should be doing. Cleaning house. Getting the files and boxes I moved in here organized. Getting a workout. Maybe going for a walk on this cool morning.

I am supposed to (according to Dad's GP) call a cardiologist for an appointment to get an echo cardiogram of his heart. But Dad said (during my morning call to him when I told him this) that he would 'think about it.' In 2005 he had one after having a TIA. It is a non-invasive test but we both wonder what they will do if they find out he has congestive heart failure. Give him some more drugs? I tell him I'll delay getting the appointment until he talks to his GP about it. He needs to go get a flu shot. He changes the subject. "When are we going to get a haircut?" I suggest next Tuesday after my tennis match.

I need to clean house because we are having people over tomorrow evening on a hallway progressive cocktail party that one of the guys on the hall organized. I need to accomplish things. But it's such a cool morning. I think I'll take that walk.

I took the picture in front of a Bubble Tea place on the Drag.


Kat said...

If your dad has CHF, he can get EECP treatment which may reduce the need to medications. It's a non-invasive, outpatient treatment that has helped thousands of patients with angina and CHF - most people feel so much better after it. Check it out at

CindyInSanJose said...

Hi, Linda - Jim has CHF and I've become something of a lay expert over the last almost 3 years since his diagnosis. There are so many variations of CHF, an echocardiogram would give you the information you would need to really see what's going on. Email me if you want to talk about it more.