Thursday, January 08, 2009

So How's That Going?

I didn't make resolutions other than to make some lists of things I 'never get around to doing' on Stickies. (Virtual ones in the Stickies app on Mac.) I told myself I'd occasionally spend 10 minutes, a half hour or an hour doing the things. That hasn't gone too far. Above is a picture I took of someone's resolutions that were offered up to burn when this went up in smoke on New Year's Eve.

If you made real resolutions instead of my slacker idea of promising to just spend time on things, then I bet some of yours were similar to Ruthie's. I do like one of hers very much, though: "Create daily." I don't feel very creative today, however. It is hot outside and I got sweaty on the tennis court earlier. I didn't enjoy the activity too much, really, because it was a play day with drills and made-up games and playing with various partners and a lot of people were better than I was. But, like I said, I got sweaty because it's hot and I've had to drink twenty or thirty ounces of water since I got home because one calf was cramping as I drove through my parking garage to park. Maybe if I took a shower I would feel creative. Ever since I got home from tennis (until, you know, a few minutes ago when I started blogging) I've been doing things I have to do, things to keep up with money and taxes and our schedule and dealing with e-mail. No points for doing things you know you will have to do. (Although Ruthie resolves to 'be current with chores and financial matters' I just don't see the point. Unless you've gotten hopelessly behind before and gotten in trouble. But I don't really do that.)

So did you make resolutions? And, a week in, how are you feeling about them?

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