Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why You Need Me

OK, maybe you think you don't need me. But you do, I promise. Otherwise who else would be:

  • Not worrying about losing a job since I don't have one.
  • Continuing to spend money eating out and drinking like there is no tomorrow. (I thought Obama said to do it, didn't he? Or was that Cheney telling me there was no tomorrow?)
  • Taking pictures of reflections on bad hair days and digitally altering them to make them fraught with artistic flair and meaning.
  • Not accumulating debt. Still not. No toxic loans. No anything loans.
  • Driving an eight-year-old car. See one above.
  • Moving downtown at 60 and trying to be an urbanite. (Why is suburbanite OK with Blogger spell check but urbanite not?)
  • Questioning spelling.
  • Blogging when she has nothing to say.
  • Providing contrast to the size 0-4 bodies downtown.
  • Still subscribing to magazines and newspapers.
  • Making everyone else look productive.
Yeah, so, I haven't anything to say but I feel like blogging. I'm feeling celebratory that my computer works so much better after cleaning up the mess VMWare made of the Windows image.

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