Friday, March 13, 2009

Celebrity Watch

I am not that into celebrities. No really. My Austin Daily Photo pictures from the last two days might make it seem so. But no. Unknowns are as interesting to me as celebrities. In fact, I often embarrass myself by not knowing who celebrities are, why their faces look familiar. Assuming I even recognize them as, you know, someone that should be recognized.

These photographers were shooting people last night as they came down the red carpet at the Texas Film Hall of Fame gala. I doubt they wasted film or pixels on us. (Although one friend in the press line did shoot us, I think.)

Now the festival begins. People will flock to the big deal premieres not just to see the film but to look for celebs and maybe ask them a question at Q&A. That is sometimes interesting, but not essential to my experience. I just want to see a few weird docs and meet people who are yet to be famous. Only I can't talk to anyone because I have almost totally lost my voice. So it goes. I'll be quietly watching movies for the next week or so. If you see me, nod hello. I'll nod back.


Jette said...

Here's your red-carpet photo.

Linda Ball said...

Wow, thanks!