Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pleasing the Public

If you had a store, what would you sell? (Here we have some of the wares recently on display at Mercury Design Studio on Second Street.)

If you wrote, would you blog, twitter, make facebook notes and updates? Would you labor quietly in your corner on the computer or in longhand on legal pads writing short stories, essays, novels? What would you give the public?

If you were a visual artist, would you make photos, collages, oil paintings, acrylics? Would you represent things realistically? Abstractly? Small works? Big? Sculpture? In what?

Would you insist that people pay to read or look? Or would you just be happy to create and give it away?

Art is a series of choices, but a lot of them, I think, seem pre-ordained to the chooser.

I've been working on a novel that I've been kicking around for a long time. Over two years. The main character is clear in my mind. However, the secondary characters are not. And I apparently can't keep up with the main character's given name. I am working on it, though, not for the public but just as a project that keeps me thinking and researching the peripheral ideas.

I am writing this blog entry, however, why? Because some people don't won't to read twitter updates, facebook comments and look at a blog that is largely about straight-up pictures of Austin. And you have to give your audience something even if it's a weak effort and even if there are very few of them. Not producing anything? Yeah, that's a choice, too. But it seems weak to me.

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deb said...

lol, so glad you will humor us!

I like blogging although there is that guilt part about keeping readers reading. I've thought of writing a real book. (Quite a few folks have suggested it...or a screenplay lol) A memoir of a mere 2 years of my life (with some reference to another dozen years). It would be very edgy, a real life thriller. I just need someone willing to pay some (okay most) of my bills while I tackle the book writing. I'd have to write it longhand, or maybe I could 'Word' it. But then I'd have to deal with saving copies and saving edits and saving just in case. That takes away from the joy of writing for me! Maybe longhand till it's close to first draft then type it in. I certainly couldn't blog my book. I would need a legal editor so I can't just put it out there.

Oh well (big sigh).