Thursday, January 02, 2014

You're In Good Hands

Shop Window Reflection of Us with Mrs. Claus costume at Lucy in Disguise on SoCo.

Holidailies are over for 2013. So I don't have to write here and, if I do, there are no rules imposed by the portal or myself to follow. (What was with that The Visible Woman...does whatever? Well, it got me started each day I guess.) There are 'best of' awards at Holidailies. I've gotten chosen in the past. Not this year. But it's not a contest, right? I knew it was drivel but I posted 32 of them, one for every day from December 1 to January 1. I think they just give you to January 1 to get in 31 of them, but I did 32. But it's not a contest, right?

I had the urge last night to begin a little simple (hand-written) diary. Wherein you just say what you do and who you see and maybe what you eat and drink. I didn't do it. So I'm going to type in here that little 'diary.'

We got up around 7:30. I did my blog, drank coffee, more blogging (for Austin, Texas Daily Photo) and more coffee and I ate a banana.

We made the bed. We try to do this before we leave the house every day.

We decided to walk and we decided to go to SoCo because we hoped Snack Bar was open. We were on the other side of the lake a little before 10. I know this because a 5K race was about to begin over there and they had yet to take off.

Snack Bar was open. I had a cup of white bean stew and the avocado quinoa salad (which also has grilled pineapple). I drank more coffee.

We walked up almost to Oltorf but not quite and came back across to South First on Live Oak.

I felt lazy when we got home. I drank some water. I was reading old (Sunday's) newspapers and decided to go to the gym (across the hall) and read them on the stationary recumbent bike. I did that for about thirty minutes.

I took a shower and messed around on the computer a bit more. Not sure what I was doing. Nothing constructive.

FFP worked on one of his columns. He asked me where a certain book was and I actually helped him find it.

Around five we went to a New Year's Day party. We are pretty good friends with the woman of this couple and her daughter who lives in NYC. We met the woman's husband at a dinner party we had at Congress Restaurant. There were young people, friends of the daughter, and family members and people we know from restaurants and a bunch of literary types. We ate guacamole and chips. I drank a couple of Shiner Bocks. We ate black-eyed pea and collard green soup for luck. It was delicious. The hostess is famous for her food since she catered for years.

We left a little after seven. At home I finished reading all the papers from Sunday and Wednesday's editions. (I'd done the NYT puzzles at Snack Bar.)

In bed I read a few pages of the Stanley Crouch book about Charlie Parker. (If I don't read books until fifteen minutes before I fall asleep I'm never going to finish all the ones I want to read.)

During the night I woke up fretting about a little headache and a scratchiness in my throat. I thought of taking some Ibuprofen or something but I almost never take any pill unless I'm desperate. I dreamed strange dreams about one of my aunts.  I got up once or twice and walked around the apartment.

I was finally sleeping well, untroubled by fears of getting sick, feeling fine in fact, no headache no drippy nose or cough when it was time to get up, get on the tennis clothes and get ready to punch in a reservation to play Saturday. By the time I was dressed FFP had made me a cup of coffee.

Now it's time to make the bed, make some more coffee to take with me and go get in the car and drive to Westwood to play tennis. It's good to have a routine. Unfortunately, my routine yesterday didn't include any of the cleaning, straightening, organizing that needs to be done. As my old buddy Maggie (RIP, Mags) would say 'tomorrow is also a day.' In spite of my lax ways I'm still in the hands of lady luck I think. If not Mrs. Claus.

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