Thursday, August 07, 2008

I Wish I Had TIme to Tell You

I wish I had time to tell you all the feelings of this move. I wanted to vacate the house by the end of August. The buyer wanted in two weeks earlier. Well, who are we to quibble? We would have probably left a number of things to the last minute in any case. That's why they call it the last minute.

We have started to give away very nice things that we bought for the house or people gave us. Some have a different aesthetic than our new place. Some won't fit. The charities are starting to get something besides moldy books and slightly worn and out-of-date clothes. Actually we've been giving away pretty good stuff all along, but you wouldn't believe the stuff we are giving away or leaving behind for the new owners now that our feet are to the fire, the guns to our heads and all those clich├ęs that sound odd in the plural.

When it's over maybe I'll have more words. And pictures.


deb said...

Looking forward to hearing all about it. There will probably be some regrets about no longer having some of the things that many memories are tied to, but you'll be on to new stuff and new adventures.

Annie in Austin said...

We've downsized twice in the last decade so I know a little of what you both are going through. I wish you a wonderful life in your new place and know that whenever we're going to the Farmers' Market we'll look up and think of you.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose