Sunday, December 20, 2009

Does Santa Need a Makeover?

One of the Holidailies writing prompts was "Tired of Santa? Create your own iconic magical figure for the holidays." Writing prompts are magical things. If great lit doesn't leap from your fingers, at least they tend to trigger typing.

Actually, I love Santa. His unapologetic happiness and roundness? His willingness to be Blue or Brown (or here, Gold) Santa for some cause. His ability to bring the right gifts to everyone around the world in a few short hours. (Oh, OK sometimes he needs help from Brown and Blue Santa and the Christmas bureau.)

Nah, Santa makes me happy like nothing else this season does. And, yes, I understand he was once Kris Kringle and much less fat and jolly and was evolved to sell Coke or something. That was a good makeover. He doesn't need another. Ho, ho, ho.

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