Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

There was a time when I wanted many material things. As a kid I couldn't walk through the Five and Dime or peruse the Sears Christmas Catalog without having a long list of things I'd love to have. Even ten or fifteen years ago I'd have a fairly easy time making a list of things I wanted. Not now.

Lots of people gifted me things to do with tennis over the years. And I do still play and enjoy it. But now I have a racket I like and I've gotten  new grips and strings as needed. I have a bag for carrying my stuff. Hats, shorts, shirts, a pretty new pair of tennis shoes, plenty of socks. No tennis gadgets, figurines, calendars or funny T-Shirts required. One of the best presents I ever got was a tennis ball basket gadget that holds and picks up balls. However, I eventually gave it away because I belong to a tennis club now and these can be borrowed and also I never just go out and practice but rather play with others.

I'd like some new clothes. But finding what I want is the issue. I'd go get some custom-made if I wasn't so lazy and so afraid I wouldn't wear them out before I got my money's worth. (The ones I had made when I worked have seen better days.) But I can get by with what I have and no one, not even Santa, could pick something for me.

I am overrun with computers and gadgets demanding my attention. FFP thought about buying a really good camera but, honestly, the ones we have are good enough for what we do, I think. We have a TV in every room.

I have plenty of books and just need to spend more time reading.

I have plenty of food and drink. My niece sent some goodies from iGourmet. That will be sufficient to delight with some new tastes for a couple of weeks.

So really. Send nothing, Santa. Get some warm clothes for people who live in the cold country. Bring peace of mind to the crazies and those they've victimized. Get some toys for kids whose parents can't afford them. Leave food for the hungry. Give us some reasonable and sane laws from our government for a change.

It is fun to desire something and experience the excitement of getting it. It is nice to have a hunger satisfied. But when you only want time and peace of mind, you aren't likely to get it.


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