Saturday, December 15, 2007

No More Until The Jury is In!

I was thinking that I'd quit blogging about certain topics until I had something more definitive to say. What are they? Downsizing, my Christmas spirit or lack thereof and my dental problems. Doesn't leave me much wiggle room does it? I'm involved in Holidailies and so I have to post every day. Or so I've pledged.

There were bright lights on Congress Avenue last night and I went to "The Nutcracker." Jury is still out on the effect on the Christmas spirit front.

Downsizing. Hrumph.

The less said about dental work the better. The jury is out and deliberating. There are jurors firmly in the various camps. (Guilty, innocent or hung jury.)

So, yeah, more tomorrow. But possibly not on these topics. I have in mind a few different topics. Like:
  • My Bellwethers. (A chance to also talk about that interesting word.)
  • Remembering Mom.
  • Dead People's Money.
  • Culture and Conversation
  • Drugs, Diet and Denial
Don't those sound interesting? Well, maybe not. But still. No teeth, no holiday depression and no endless recounting of possessions.

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