Monday, December 08, 2008


I'm not decorating for Christmas, nor shopping for presents nor planning a great feed. (Unless you count planning to go out to eat with people.)

Today on Holidailies the writing prompt is "Describe your holiday decorating techniques." I don't need writing prompts, really. If I take the time, I can sit down and write. No problem. I use blogging as a way to avoid: (1) cleaning; (2) exercise; (3) dealing with financial stuff.

But. FFP started the laundry so some cleaning chores are going forward. I may take a walk in a bit and even get in the gym. (Yeah, right.) And I dealt with a financial thing that required a phone call this morning. (I'm consolidating my much-depleted retirement funds into a single account for more organized mis-management.)

I'm not decorating, though. IF I did, I'd be posing little bendable Santas here and there. Oh, I have a few other things (ornaments, stockings). And I like to scatter the cards people send me around, too. I had my techniques down in the old abode, like putting the decorations in and around the glassware collection. Or just clearing off a shelf and filling it with bendie Santas. Some friends who also moved into this building said that they weren't decorating, that they had just gotten their basic decoration the way they wanted it and didn't feel like transforming it into Christmas. Still, I'm not sure that I won't decorate. But if I DID, it would involve lots of bendable, posable, collectible, festive, holiday figures posed among the books and knickknacks that are already a part of the basic decoration.

And maybe I will decorate. Maybe I'll shop for a few gifts, too. For the parental units at least. But I'll do it at Book People or some local spot. And I will eat too much even if I don't cook it. So who's to say I'm not 'celebrating.' But I might not think about any of these things any more today. It's not even the 10th of December yet. Why do we push these things so?

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