Monday, December 29, 2008

Vaguely Understood

Today we attacked a couple of issues around the house. Just little things. We accomplished nothing, made things worse and pissed ourselves and others off. We only vaguely understand how mechanical things and such work, sadly. Customer service is dead in America. Billing is all that people understand. Other than that I think we are going to have a great day. We are going to see a movie. We are walking to the movies. I think I'm going to work out first. Just a short bit of the bike and weights. But only if I hurry and do this entry and do that and get a shower. So...that's all folks!

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Sarah said...

Customer service? Surely you jest. Actually, I am (partially) in customer service myself--I get the calls that no one has been able to handle with routine answers. Customer service is so bad elsewhere, that I am practically overwhelmed by their expresssions of gratitude when I resolve their problem (if it is resolvable at all). Good service *should* be routine, but it isn't, obviously.