Saturday, January 19, 2008

Books--A Photo

Digital photos are cheap to keep. You can buy a terabyte of network storage for less than $300. This was a little bookstore in some town in Oregon. (I'm sure we actually bought something there.) We collected a quaint museum and a market there, too, I think.

While I'm down, down, downsizing, FFP tells me that the mother-in-law is shocked that we are letting some furniture go that FFP had before we married. We kept meaning to replace the table and breakfront since the style wasn't too our liking. Now she wants us to move them into her little house when we break for the condo. Naturally we just said 'OK.' I told Forrest that maybe she would outlive us and then she would have to deal with everything eventually. We laughed. But someone does have to deal with it. Eventually.

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