Thursday, January 17, 2008

Things Change

This photo is almost four years old. The shop is Tesoros Trading on Congress. I think the store is still there although they've also opened on South Congress and this store will go away when a hotel gets built on the two hundred block of Congress. Everything would be different today in the reflection anyway. Not to mention that the small girl shopping inside would have grown up. Change is the way it is. But we are so resistant to it.

It seems I have to face change more and more every day with our parents aging and our own downsizing and organizing.

Touching all this stuff, usually multiple times, before it is given away, filed away, shredded or tossed is both burdensome and joyous. We find ourselves reveling in certain memories, marveling at people we once knew. We shake our heads at opportunities and money lost and at the accomplishments we managed to eke out of circumstance. I'm going to enjoy this process when it's finished, enjoy living with a smaller number of select things. I'm sure of it. But the process is painful sometimes.

Today some relatives are visiting my dad. Reminders of the passing of time will abound.

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