Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Time for Reflection

At least the photo is not another shop window. It's FFP with his reflection at Jeffrey's bar. (Which is remodeling. The tile murals are altogether gone now.)

I am very jealous now of the time I spend (usually in the mornings), writing whatever I like here in the Visible Woman's space and/or over at Austin Daily Photo and/or in The Journal of Unintended Consequences and/or my private journals. Even with 'duties' pressing in on me (errands for Dad, a workout, downsizing, end of month business stuff, taxes, chores, organizing stuff for my country club board duties) I still spend some writing (well, typing anyway) and fooling with my digital pictures, usually from the time I get out of bed until time for my tennis game or I feel I must get started with my day.

It is a pleasure to write, er type. For me anyway. I know it is painful for some people. And I know that feeling when you have to write something specific and it isn't coming. But diaries, journals, blogs? Say whatever you want? What's not to like.

So that's how I start most days. At the computer. Caffeine and reflection. (And not just in the photos.)

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