Sunday, February 24, 2008

Creating Buzz for Buddies

I'm in New York and I thought I would do what my buddy Rob did and take pictures of his book in bookstores. FFP and I went to our favorite store (Crawford Doyle). The clerk (who I think was the owner) fumbled around when I ask for "Schuyler's Monster" without spelling it. After mentioning Robert Rummel-Hudson he found it in the computer and was apologetic about it not being in stock.

We happened to be at the Borders in Time Warner center and I used their customer info booth to look for the book. Imagine my disappointment when the computer said it was 'on the way.' They said it was, however, available at the Park Avenue store.

Hmm. I was sure I'd see the book and maybe at a store that wasn't one Rob visited. Too bad.

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