Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Can Still Play Tennis.

If you are not completely blind, have you ever wondered what it was like not to see well? Maybe my shop window pictures give some ideas although it's probably not that pretty. Without my glasses, distant things are just blurry. Which sometimes improves their look.

Vision is on my mind, of course, because I'm worried whether my dad can recover from the torn and detached retina.

On the tennis court I was thinking "at least I can still play tennis." Several of my friends (who are my age and younger) can't because of health problems. My companions today were telling me about a lady who used to play with us before she became so blind from macular degeneration that it was no fun any more. They said that she and her husband had both had falls, were trying to sell their house and move to a retirement place, etc.

I can still play tennis, I thought. I see pretty well. I don't even seem to need new glasses. I'm going to get an eye check this afternoon to make sure nothing is wrong. I feel good. I don't have any complaints really. But I seem to feel the clock ticking. Maybe it's caring for old people but I really think it is just me, reaching a certain age.

Today was the perfect day to play tennis, too. Cool, sunny, no wind. Lazy vapor trails across a blue sky. I wanted to embrace it and be happy. Happy that I can still play tennis and have the opportunity to do so.

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