Sunday, February 10, 2008

Roots and Roaming

My roots? Lower middle class (to be kind) folks with farm roots, a good work ethic and generous spirits. My parents also seemed to have a roaming gene, too. There just wasn't much money with which to scratch the itch. I guess Texans have a not to far in the past legacy of moving to new places (as do most Americans). My parents always wanted to go somewhere. My sister's peregrinations with her husband when he was in the Air Force served as their excuse to travel and, really, hardly any excuse was necessary when money came to hand.

This picture I discovered on my computer today. It shows the parents walking on the sidewalk in what of those frighteningly similar motels. I think it was Raton, New Mexico. The year was 2000. But it doesn't matter. The cheap hotel was just a necessary sleep. We were driving to Colorado, no doubt, to see my sister. (Who settled there after the Air Force was finished with them.)

Yesterday we got details of a trip we are taking to New York City. Ordinarily we plan our own trips but this one was mostly planned by a local producer of Cabaret shows. So when we got the details, I started a folder for info, started planning the things we'd do on our 'free' time. I looked up all the places the tour was taking us and got links to their WEB sties. I love to travel and I haven't gone anywhere at all for what seems like a very long time.

My roaming gene was honestly acquired. My parents traveled to all fifty states before they died. Plus England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales. Parts of Canada. And Russia. My dad has visited Germany, Austria and Iceland since my mother died.

Now if I can just get out of the real estate maelstrom and do more traveling.

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