Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I Was Drinking Wild Turkey

The photo looks like a bleak wintery scene but really it is the reflection of our new home (and power lines and trees) in the window of a guitar store on South Lamar.

If you ask me if it worries me to be committed to paying cash for a tiny piece of that building this summer with no buyer for our current 'ranch' I'd have to say, well, yeah, a little.

But that wasn't why I was drinking Wild Turkey.

We have some people coming today to look at the house informally. Friends. Who might be interested when the time comes. And the house is a disaster with closets and shelves and cabinets turned inside out as we sort and eliminate.

But, no, that wasn't the excuse for the Wild Turkey, ice and water.

I was watching Super Tuesday coverage, marveling at (1) how excited people get about their candidates; and (2) how some states voted for people I would do a write-in against if pressed.

And maybe a little whiskey is in order while watching shows about politics. But everyone knows I prefer Jack Daniels Black Label or a single-barrel craft Bourbon, don't they?

I didn't feel perfect either but for my particular ailment I knew that a certain dose of Advil was more likely a cure than whiskey.

I had a conversation with a friend:

"What are you doing?"

"Sitting here drinking Wild Turkey and watching the election."

"Why are you drinking?"

"Because so many people I know can't!" I asserted. And, while several friends have nasty diseases and treatments precluding alcohol, that wasn't really it either. And why Wild Turkey?

I sort of felt like having a drink. I sort of wanted FFP to make me a Bloody Mary from our friend Al's recipe, but I decided I should have something I mixed myself. There was a giant bottle of Wild Turkey in the pantry and only a 'corner' left in it. So no big mystery. A drink sounded good. I could recycle a giant bottle. And ice and filtered water were readily available.

It tasted good, too, and I suppose it made me nod over the politics before it was all too much and made me ill.

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