Saturday, November 08, 2008

And It Begins

We knew there would be fallout. (Of course, the precipitous decline in the stock market has already sucked the value out of our retirement funds sufficiently to make a mockery of our net worth.) Now one of our banks has failed and is being taken over by another bank. Impact to us is likely to be minimal although both sets of parents have some CDs there and we have a business checking account, etc. and if there is annoying paperwork it is likely to fall to moi and FFP.

This reflection photo shows a shop on SoCo displaying a 'No Cash' sign. There have been a number of shops that have gotten windows smashed by people trying to get at cash registers so I guess this is the equivalent of the 'No Radio' signs you used to see in NYC.

Mostly this picture shows me in shorts. I don't usually do walkies (or anything else but tennis and workouts) in shorts, but I did this day. So, yeah, those are my 60-year-old legs.

I'm off for a walkie soon. In jeans, though. It isn't fifty degrees yet although it will be close to 80 before the day is over.

In other economic news...I broke down and bought an iPod. A classic with 120GB. I put over 6000 tracks on it that I'd downloaded from CDs we own. And I bought the k.d. lang track of "Hallelujah" although it doesn't hold a candle to the live performance. I won't be carrying the iPod around with me, though. I just wanted an easy way to put all our music on the sound system and since we have an iPod deck.... All the other gadgets I'm considering (multi-media projector, GPS, small laptop for travel, new pocket camera, a digital SLR) are still pending. And may pend forever. Although if we decide to go on a trip the laptop and GPS might rise to the top. I guess I should buy 'em all and fuel the economy. But, honestly, walking through Costco yesterday, I just didn't feel in the mood to drop coin. But at least I bought the iPod. I'm doing my part.

So, get up, get moving. Write about it later.

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