Monday, November 03, 2008


No. I'm not talking about you voters who didn't vote early. (Presumably if you DID vote early you were decided, but that's not this story.)

No, I'm talking about, once again, deciding how to spend a day that isn't full of appointments.

I usually get up at seven. I did so today, more or less. Lots more light at seven these days. Someone changed the time.

Things I need to do: get an appointment for teeth cleaning, take my car for regular maintenance, clean my house. Straighten and file some stuff. Shred. Workout. Take a walk. (A kind of workout and yet it doesn't 'count.') I'm not even going to think about writing. That's what I'll probably actually do, then.

But right now? I'm watching a lugubrious Chinese movie (Three Times) that I rented from NETFLIX ages ago. I hate to send them back without putting them in the DVD player. (Although I rented and never watched the Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp and a film of a staged version of same because FFP refused to watch them and I never found time without him.) The lugubrious movie is two hours long. I started watching it yesterday. I use the term 'watching' loosely, I was doing other things like reading at the same time and you know subtitles and reading don't gel that well. Anyway, I'm sending it back and getting something else to not watch. Yesterday I watched a documentary about Amish teenagers going wild while they tried to decide whether to commit to the church. That was pretty good, actually. It was called Devil's Playground. I was very impressed with it. I think the Amish might do well to wait until the kids are 18 or 21 to give them that much freedom, but what is amazing is how many survive the freedom and do join the church.

But I digress. What am I going to do with my day? What am I going to do right now? Why I'm going to work the puzzle in the New York Times, silly. I can usually whip through it, get a laugh. I love Monday when the Arts section of the Times is thin and manageable (few ads) and packed with interesting stuff including an easy but still amusing puzzle.

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