Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I AM 60

Apparently so is Puma. They have a store at the Domain. I was surprised to see all this "I AM 60" decor in their window when we were out there the other day. Before I started wearing New Balance some years ago I always liked Puma tennies.

I am 60, but I still don't have my life figured out. What's up with that?

This morning I had a conversation with my dad. We were talking about something and I said it was so far in the future I didn't care, I wouldn't live that long.

"You will live as long as I have," he asserted.

"You keep going and you are going to make another Christmas and make 93."

"I'm planning on it," he said. "Christmas is almost here. I haven't even decided what to buy for myself."

Which is hilarious. He buys almost nothing for himself but gas for the car, groceries and the occasional article of clothing which he grudgingly gets to replace something ancient. The other morning I was over there and it was cool and he'd grabbed a corduroy shirt out of his closet.

"You know where I got this shirt?"

I didn't.

"Deedy [our affectionate name for my grandmother on my mother's side] made it for me."

I have no idea when the shirt was made, but my grandmother died in 1978 and she'd been too infirm to sit at a sewing machine for a while before that. So, I don't know, maybe the shirt was forty years old if a day. He never gives up on a good thing. I wore out my last article of clothing that she made me in the '60's about a decade ago.

Compared to my dad, sixty is young. And I do feel young. Immature even. When will I grow up and figure stuff out?

And I'm still laughing about my dad's Christmas comment. He doesn't buy presents for other people either and only sends money.

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Happy Birthday!