Saturday, December 13, 2014


I'm having trouble writing today. The Holidailies Writing Prompt is about gifts (material or otherwise) and what you'd wish to get or give. So let's start there and see if something gets written.

My first thoughts on getting is that there are very few material things I can imagine wanting. Certain nothing beyond having with a swipe of the credit card (which, yes, I can also probably pay off). I could use some new shoes: tennis shoes, the higher hiking boots (I got new country walkers recently), some dressy loafers (unfortunately I find it increasingly difficult to find ones that I like that fit well). I could use new clothes but I keep thinking I'll lose weight first. I guess it would be nice to have a new car but, honestly, as long as my 2001 Civic keeps running I think I'm happier without a new one.  I need to get a new phone but really it's just a matter of going to the store and getting it. There is a package for me from FFP and I'm sure it's books and sure I'll like them but I also have scores of books around I haven't read and want to read. I'm pretty happy with the gadgets I have: the cameras and computers and such except for that old iPhone 3GS and like I said...just go shopping. The whole idea of getting presents this year seems depressing and obsessive. What a far cry from the child who pored over pages like the ones below from the Sears Christmas with the desire to own these toys.

 I would have loved all these construction toys. Indeed, I did finally acquire an Erector set around this time (late 50's) after much haggling with parents and Santa and society. (The makers of these toys didn't help my cause by putting pictures of boys on the packages and in the catalog.)

Ditto all these games and shooting galleries. Never did get electric football. I did get a BB gun, though, so yeah there was that.

Yep, pored over these catalogs for hours on end. I was full of wishing (and the Sears Catalog was nicknamed the wish book). Full of wanting. But even then I noticed how little satisfaction came with the getting.

So what gifts would I like now? Nothing really in the material realm. And I dare not hope for world peace and understanding. I would love to snap my fingers and stop wars and hate. But I know it won't happen.

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