Monday, December 01, 2014

Keeping A Record

Remember when having a picture of something involved film? Remember the furor over instant photography where the film developed right after you took it? But then to share it you had to send it off for reprints? These vintage cameras were for sale the other day in Uncommon Objects on South Congress. (For a reverie on the Polaroid Camera from five years ago see here.)

Remember when words on paper meant longhand, typing or typesetting?

Well, now it should be easier to keep a record of your life, right? Digital stills, digital videos, digital voice recorders; digital scanners to convert those old pictures and slides to pixels; computers to process our words and blogging sites like this to format them, date them, search them; and social media preserving your real-time comments and making sharing what you're doing so easy.

But somehow I still lose track of my life. Puzzle over what I did yesterday and wonder why I don't have a photo of something.

There is a comfort in it sometimes, though. That one can still get lost. Hide a bit from others and be a recluse.

Today is the first day of Holidailies. Drivel like this is supposed to be my gift to you my reader. But if it fell short just see what other participants have written that might enhance your day. I guess I'll be a little exposed here for the next month. However, I'm not going to be doing a blow-by-blow diary of my activities here most days. Just little ramblings. I have been keeping a diary offline lately. I used it yesterday to figure out when I last got a haircut. And so it goes.


Melanie said...

Hi from Holidailies! Perhaps we are so overwhelmed with what others are doing - reading their FB and blogs and looking at their pics - that we forget ourselves sometimes!

KarenD said...

Of course I remember film. :) I have various sizes of negatives and processed APS rolls in a closet at home, not to mention all the prints that weren't quite right for an album but which I haven't the heart to just throw out.

Ramblings are a good part of Holidailies; I hope to do a fair bit myself.

MissMeliss said...

Happy Holidailies!

I found a package of film the other day when cleaning out an old desk, and realized - sadly - that I no longer have a camera that USES film.

As I posted earlier in my own blog, I think that sometimes we spend more time trying to capture an image of a moment than we do just being in the moment.

LB said...

All excellent points. My husband found some B&W negatives when we were moving six years ago. Had them developed (he had no memory of where prints were) and it was a 'love-in' at a park from 1968 and there were people in the pictures that we are facebook friends with! Crazy.

Yes...being in the moment can be difficult and more so every day.