Thursday, May 08, 2008

Do You Ever Have Those Times?

Do you ever have times when it seems that everyone is treating you like a child except your parent? That everyone who works for you is trying to tell you what you must do and what they refuse to do and why their offereings are ironclad and only make sense, you fool! I am the customer and people think that means that they get to tell me what the rules are, that they get to tell me that they are sorry but it is 'policy.' Some of them refer to another 'they' which is apparently a part of their company, perhaps a person who doesn't work there anymore or some unassailable management person who is unreachable for the likes of me, and this 'they' has either not kept good notes, or has carefully researched how things should be done.

I'm sorry, but sometimes I'd like people to remember that I'm the customer. If you don't want to cooperate in being the vendor please don't be strident and please don't treat me like a child. Just face that you aren't pleasing me and move on.

Not having a good time of it. The exception is my computer guy who came over here Sunday and worked and worked on my computers but adamantly refused to take money because he was just "getting us back to where we were." I told him it was not his fault we had a hardware or software problem but he was adamant. I'll make it up to him, of course, but it so made me feel like a customer. And not a stupid customer who just didn't get it either.

Photo was taken in the Second Street District of the window at Mercury in April. That phrase 'Take a Seat' was used I'm sure to sell chairs but to me it has those overtones of "you are being ripped off so sit down and take it, customer." So I'm not sure I'd use it to sell even the handsomest of chairs.

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deb said...

Okay, I'm exhausted, I'm swamped, I'm dreading having to perform retail work tomorrow, you name it...yet I have to co-rant.

If looks could kill through the phone lines, the customer rep would have been buried long ago for her repeated, condescending "I understand your frustration ma'am". Oh, she has no idea.

Or the three customer reps that assured me that the reimbursement claim forms were in the mail to my mom for prescription drugs that should have been covered by said company who refused to allow her to drop their coverage. Now, of course, the acceptable time has passed without receiving those forms so that they will deny the claim due to time delay.

Or, the tech who sent his customer's piano keys to me for work, has not paid for the work, and does not return calls to me, leaving me with half finished work on piano keys that belong to....someone....who is probably wondering where on earth their piano keys are.