Wednesday, May 07, 2008


We went to Larry Peel's 75th Birthday Benefit Roast on Monday. Caymus Vineyards provided some excellent wine and the ladies in this picture probably had a glass. Or two. Me, of course, Ann Clark, Diane Carr, Megan (Larry's assistant, her last name eludes me) and Deborah Peel. This was taken as the last of the party broke up. I showed Deborah's shoes on Austin Daily Photo. So I thought I'd show our smiling faces over here.

I am not getting enough done these days. I seem to swither, hovering over my 'to do' list, thinking that organizing it will actually get the work done. As if. Plus I continue to swither over my new computer environment and, I confess, enjoy learning some new things. It's a joy to type on this new sleek screen. I also confess that when I have 'duties' to take me away from the house and my 'to do' list that I am relieved. Today I am taking my dad to lunch, helping him tidy up the house and taking him for a haircut. And I have a board meeting this evening. On the one hand I'm delighted when there is a blank day on the calendar. On the other I'm glad something hanks me away. Go figure.

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