Monday, May 12, 2008

We Are There...More Good Cheer?

We will be inside the tall building there that is framed by the columns of the Long Center Ring. We will actually be there today, doing our first inspection. We will be back in the public area for a party on May 22. We are trying to line up another visit for our contractors and we have a final visit on May 27 to check that things on the punch list are fixed. We close on June 2 and start trying to make that 1225 square foot condo our home for a good deal of the rest of our life. Or so we hope. I am weary about it all, really. Tired of hammering down the hundred and one details of moving. (One forgets how much there is to it when one hasn't done it for 30 years. Although we did move FFP's office out and then back into the house and we did remodel four times.)

My post about my dad elicited a couple of e-mails and a couple of comments at a party. An old friend clicked and blew up the picture and was nostalgic about my mom and hers. One friend thought we needed more good cheer in this space. I don't guess my computer woes of yesterday qualified, did they? The guru and I decided it was a hard drive problem. He put up a surface scan tool yesterday afternoon. At the moment it says it is on Step 132,031,873 of 624,470,624. It has found 306 errors. The part of the disk it is working on is going exceedingly slow probably because of error retries. I am leaving it running until my guy returns. He is going to take the machine back to the Apple Store. Makes me glad we didn't mail order it. Makes me sad that I got a lemon. We were pretty sure that was the case, but it took a while to figure out it had to be the disk. (I don't know: input/output error should have triggered it but there was other weird behavior.) Running side-by-side with the one that isn't working is an identical machine EXCEPT we bought it with a wired keyboard and mouse and bought the wireless ones separately so I could have a keypad or so FFP could try it or for some other reason I've forgotten. So they probably came from different manufacturing lines although we bought them on the same day. I am cheered that the one I chose to invest my whole computing effort in and to move all my stuff to and start using on an everyday basis is working. So, yeah, cheerful about that...although suspicious of the environment by association and a little nervous about having my life on this machine. (Oh, yeah, I have backed up data files on the Internet and external drives. But still when you lose your little comfy computer world it is beyond distressing.)

Am I happy, though, about getting to see the condo? I guess. More nervous. Inspections are contentious often and I don't like confrontation. Already we are begging the people for another appointment for our contractors and to allow an independent inspector to make a report. But, yeah, I am sort of excited and happy. It is a first step to a simpler life, I really believe. And although divesting of the house appears to be a long process (you think?) we will eventually get it done.

Spent Mother's Day Motherless. We decided to take FFP's Mom out on a different, less busy day and he spent a few hours over there with his parents, doing a jigsaw puzzle with them. He took him mom a plant and a card. We will take all the parental units out this PM or some other day.

I am really very lucky. Lucky to be healthy enough to contemplate a move and sometimes I'm having fun with it. Having fun giving away bookcases and other furniture to young people and just generally getting rid of piles of stuff. The computer problems would be daunting but I can afford to have my guru and his good cheer is worth a lot. FFP and I are lucky to have each other and to enjoy our retirement together. Life is good. Just a little busy just now.

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