Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just Walk Away

All the careful sorting and allocating, all the 'finding the right home for an object' eventually winds up with the classic 'just walk away.' Garbage, curb, shredder, thrift store. Whatever. We discussed some of the objects with our potential buyer for the house yesterday. There was a general agreement on many things that we could simply leave in place for their temporary or permanent use. That felt good. There are still things here that other friends claim they want to buy or that we are just giving them.

The above is a handwoven wall hanging my mother made. It did hang in a room we have repainted. I had an idea to hang it at my dad's house where sailboats have become sort of an accidental theme in the living room. Mom made this by making a double layer of fabrics that intersected to make the drawing. 1976 is a significant year. Yeah, the bicentennial. Also the year FFP and I married. Currently I have forgotten where it is. I think I took it to Dad's, but I didn't hang it. It will show up again. It doesn't fit the decor of our tiny new condo. But I will always keep it somewhere, I imagine. Until, you know, ultimately I walk away for the last time.

I am a little nervous about all the corners we have to hammer down to get in the condo and out of here. But I am generally cheerful. Change is fun if nerve-wracking.

The downsizing went a little negative yesterday. I did queue up some stuff to give away and FFP shredded some stuff, but I bought a new coffee maker for the condo (it will be a temporary one and a spare when we move our Capresso) and also a kitchen trash can. The good news is that I'm going to ditch an old coffee maker and grinder and I believe I'll be walking away from our current kitchen trash can which is fine but a little too big for the condo. And, in information you probably didn't need, the trash chute at the 360 will accept 13 gallon sacks. Larger things can be left in the trash closet for the porter. Recycling will be downstairs somewhere. I'm envisioning my new environment. So far the vision is a good one.

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