Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ups and Downs

This is the Apple Store at the Domain where they are pushing iPods for Mother's Day, I guess. I seem to have had a lot of highs and lows lately, both physically and emotionally. I think it is a result of all the change and uncertainty going on in my life. Does it make me nervous that we have our inspection tour of our condo on Monday? Wow, yes. Does the uncertainty about selling our house make me nervous. Sure. Am I envious that some of my tennis buddies are going off on interesting trips? Yep. Am I worried about the long term care of our parental units and, short term, about a visit from my nieces and four greats (niece and nephews)? Uh-huh.

On the other hand after a nice humid but not too hot day tennis game wherein I had some interesting shots and then an hour of working out and reading, I did feel good and alive and the little physical ailments had melted away. (Was that a little hangover this morning?) That Advil didn't hurt either, did it?

I'm making peace also with the computing environment I'm trying to create for the future. I'll still need some assistance from my guru and I have yet to form a strategy for talking FFP into wanting to try the new setup. (Didn't help he heard me grumbling over the difficulties there.) I'm actually spending way too much time fooling around with the computers. It's a great way to displace from going through old moldy files of business records or trying to figure out more stuff to discard or give away from this house.

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