Saturday, December 14, 2013

Argh...that Nasty Blemish, the Typo!

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A couple of days ago I noticed that the UK Paper publication "The Guardian" was seeking links to 10-year-old blog entries. I thought, well now, I could submit something. They are pretty certain that we (and they) will find these cringe-worthy. They mention
...embarrassing pits of self-loathing and the home to several Frankenstein HTML projects you’d rather forget.
Well, yeah, that. But I looked at about a half dozen entries from ten years ago and each one had a typo. It wasn't the bad free verse or the whiny self-absorption or even the  poorly-formed HTML or the sad little pictures. Those typos roared off the page and grabbed me by the throat. And I scorned the me of ten years ago who created them.


Doris said...

I can feel that way after seeing a typo from a post I posted just ten minutes before! I'm getting better in letting them go and not sending the wild dogs at myself for something I would rarely condemn another.

Did you submit your blog items to the Guardian article?

LB said...

I haven't submitted one yet. I found one dated 12/20/2003 that is awful but no typos. It's not quite 10 years old yet and I'm such a rule follower I decided since they are giving people until the 1st of January that I'd wait until Dec. 20!