Friday, December 06, 2013

New York, New York

The Visible Woman...walks.

We are in New York City, Our hotel is on Fifth Avenue. It's about six blocks south of the famous NY Library. We love walking in this town. When the weather is nice (and sometimes even when it's inclement) we walk to get places and walk to experience New York streets. Today, if all goes well, we will walk to the West Village for an early dinner and catch an Off Broadway show after that. During the day we may well walk around Times Square or to the Upper East or West side. People often are amazed that we do these walks. But a two mile walk will take us to most of the things we want to see. And along the way there are many amazing surprises.

I posted the above paragraph in case I couldn't deal with thumb typing and Chrome on the iPad. Butt, here's a brief NYC walking report. We arrived on Tuesday, taking a car service from JFK,  and after lunch in the hotel and unpacking we had a nap and walked to 59th Street, looking in shop windows and fighting crowds of sidewalk gawkers and rushing New Yorkers. Then we walked back, regrouped and walked to a restaurant on the north side of Madison Square Park. That's only ten, short up/down blocks.

On Wednesday we walked over to Madison and up to 82nd and came back to the theater district and walked around, saw a matinee on 47th, walked some more, met friends at Sardi's and walked back to the hotel. We walked at least five miles. My Austin training well-prepared me, though, and no sore legs.

Yesterday we had timed tickets to the Frick Collection so we walked there and back. That's on 70th so that's 33 blocks each way and lots of ped traffic. Blocks are short going up and down Manhattan, though, generally. We had reservations for a late lunch at a fancy restaurant near the Frick but decided to dress up a bit. The hotel gave us a ride in the hotel car there and we grabbed a cab back. Later we walked to Time Warner Center to see a jazz show at Dizzy's Coca Cola Club. That's only a little over a mile and a half.

Hopefully we'll walk to the Village and back this evening after a walk to 44th Street to meet friends for lunch. I only hope the walking offsets the eating we are doing, but that's another story.


Kim said...

On our very short trip to NYC in October, my husband and I had the chance to go to the top of the Empire State building. Amazing view! Times Square was fun, but information overload.

Linda Ball said...

Yes we did the top of the Empire State Building once. Now we just brush by that block with too many people trying to sell tickets.