Sunday, December 01, 2013

I Promise to Keep in Touch

Text of an actual postcard sent to us by a friend (RIP Al) twenty-eight years ago. When we did  things like sending picture postcards.

I last posted here in March (a SXSW film wrapup). And before that on January 1st of this year, 2013, which is now hurtling toward a close. But I've been thinking for a while about communicating more. Here in my blog and also directly with friends via the post office, the electronic message and yes, face to face.

In short I've decided to make Visible Woman more Verbose. Not just tweeting and commenting on facebook and posting pictures of Manhattans. (If you are not my facebook friend, I sometimes drink the cocktails named Manhattans and post photos of them. Yeah. Ho. Hum. But a surprising number of people are intrigued by it. There you go.) I've decided to blog old school. So old school that I'l call it an online journal (how quaint).  Instead of just hunting up a photo every day from Austin, I'll create a more organized and coherent communication.

I begin in earnest today trying for a daily post connected to this year's Holidailies (the 14th annual if you can believe it). That January 1 post was, in fact, the last of my efforts in 2012/2013 addition of this blog portal.

In this new stream of blogging I'm going to try to focus each entry on one or more of the following present tenses of verbs: Drinks, Eats, Sits, Walks, Remembers, Connects, Learns, Owns, Does, Draws, Watches, Listens, Believes, Plays and Opines. Other areas may be added. I considered including 'suffers,' for example. It sounds a bit too dramatic, however, in light of the real suffering in the rest of the world. And I'm often a bit reticent about my aches and pains and injuries.

In any case, peek in here in the next few weeks for more of me if you will. And don't be surprised if the (Verbose) Visible Woman does some "sitting, drinking, eating, drinking & drinking" in honor of my dear old friend Al. (See above.)


Melanie said...

Just stopping by to say Hi from Holidailies!

Bev Sykes said...

Love Manhattans. I'll have to chek out your pics. Nice to "meet" you on Hokidaikies.

Elle Hull said...

Nice to meet you and best of luck with Holidailies!

Janice said...

I thoroughly enjoy your Manhattans (virtually). I look forward to a more verbose Virtual Woman as I catch up with you again because of Holidailies. I'm trying it again, too.