Monday, December 23, 2013

Decorations of Red

The columns supporting the Long Center ring are decorated for Christmas.

The Visible Woman...doesn't decorate.

There are two stacks of holiday cards on the little desk in our living area (kitchen/dining/living). One is cards from people. One is cards from businesses or charities. For a while we had them on the counter between the kitchen and dining room until there were too many and I also had to go through them to make sure I'd sent cards to people who sent them to me.

On the same little desk are three holiday presents. Gift bags with tissue. Two have Texas Christmas ornaments as decoration. One is for FFP. The others are for the friends who have included us in family Christmas.

Otherwise, there is no decoration here. Nothing to remind of the season, nothing to take down when it's over.

Down in our 40-square-foot storage cage are some boxes or bins with Christmas stuff. Nothing like a fake tree or a bunch of glass balls or strings of lights. No. Instead there are many, many bendable, posable Christmas figures. Mostly Santas with some trees, reindeer, elves and such thrown in for good measure. See here. There are so many (plus a few other decorative things) that I really could make this place look like Christmas. I think I even did it one year. But I find no evidence of it. The decorations remain in that cage, somewhere behind the ironing board, the piles of cleaning supplies and paper goods and the file boxes of archives and such.

Maybe next year. Maybe I'll decorate and have a little Christmas cocktail party.

But this year I enjoyed the decorations of others. From the tree at Rockefeller Center and the shop windows on Fifth and Madison in New York to the fun of candy cane columns at the Long Center and Christmas trees and fantastic gingerbread structures at the local hotels. Decorations are nice but I just can't seem to be bothered to do them myself. Today we go to a party at a club we belong to downtown. I'll probably take a camera and snap some pictures of their great decorations.

But I feel for my little bendable fellows down in the parking structure in the dark.

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