Thursday, December 05, 2013

Possessions...Buzz Lightyear

The Visible Woman...owns.

The thing about these possession entries is that it is so tempting to gather a picture. But that takes time. Maybe when I get back from New York. We are in New York and I had to queue these up because I don't have a proper computer or time to use it. Anyway....

Today's possession is a Buzz Lightyear. It is a special edition room guard (more on what that is below). Instead of his usual green and white he has a metallic blue suit and a chrome reflective helmet. I used to collect toys. I loved Toy Story. FFP got me this room guard as a Christmas present. A lot of my collections had to be trimmed or given away when we moved. I used to have a talking Woody for example but his talk box was kaput. I kept this foot-high object, however, and he sits on my desk by a Mac I just use for a few things, holding a remote for the Mac that I never use. The Bluetooth keyboard for that Mac sits in front of him like he might start his own blog any moment. But he's not really a robot. He's just a room guard.*

*A room guard is a gadget that detects motion and challenges the 'intruder' to push a combination of buttons or something to stop the thing talking. Somewhere in storage is Buzz's box and instructions. But he doesn't have any batteries installed so only his presence guards the room.

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