Tuesday, December 03, 2013


The Visible Woman...plays.

A friend who is older than I am and still working asked for advice about retiring. I couldn't think of much to say. It really seemed easy to me: don't go to work and do more things you want to do. And...maybe catch up on some chores.

Well, in retirement (I've logged over eleven years now) I have taken time to do things I want to do. And one of those things is tennis. When schedules and weather permit, I get out and play three sets of hit and giggle doubles three times a week, playing a set with each of my friends if there is time. The participants change (and they range in age from 40's to 80's), but all are generally out there for fun. I use a racket that I bought before I retired. (I do buy new tennis shoes every couple of years.) Sometimes we play on clay. Sometimes hard courts. It is fun. It isn't really exercise exactly but it is moving around.

I hope I'm still doing it when I'm 80.

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Melanie said...

Good for you! The gym I go to has several older ladies who are close to 70. One of them spends 3 hrs a day at the gym and she is in better shape than 41 yr old me.