Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Bizarre Feeling

I took this shop window reflection a year ago January on SoCo. While I was goofing off and finding and editing this old picture I noted that there are more entries in this blog labeled downsizing than shop windows or reflections (although not by much). I also wondered if I'd used this image here before and I think the answer is: not exactly. I used an image here that I shot a moment later. I am feeling bizarre and disconnected. I have a thousand tasks to do to sift, sort, trash, recycle, give away, catalog and generally contain my stuff. I have things I want to do, too. Some writing and reading. I've found I go slightly nutty if I don't do a few things I love. So I spent all morning at the club. First a couple of sets of tennis doubles and then a stationary bike ride for over forty minutes while catching up on some old newspapers.

But now I really must do some good, make some progress, handle some stuff.

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