Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dizzy Me

I have rocked and will rock again but today I'm mostly dizzy-style rocking. Allergic to oak pollen I'd guess. Yesterday I saw an actual green cloud of the pollen, like a West Texas dust storm, only green as grass. The fine pollen is covering everything. I guess it got in my head and caused some sinus irritation. So far no sneezing but just dizzy especially when I first get up. I've taken two generic allergy pills from Costco and hoping to be able to function properly soon.

I had to talk to the hospital pharmacist about Dad's drugs to prepare for his surgery and fortunately they could pull it up from his last one less than two months ago because I was feeling less than confident in spite of a printed list sitting in front of me.

Well, it's time to deal with financial stuff. I hope I'm competent to do that! My downsizing is stymied at the moment by a need to carry some full boxes around and bending over and picking up heavy things makes my head spin. Ditto going to the gym to lift weights although I've got to get around to that today.

The picture was taken in SoCo. Blackmail was the shop. Maybe. I think.

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