Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Further Confession of a Downsizer

I clipped this from a Parade magazine in 2005. I stuck it in a drawer (with stuff that needed to be sorted and downsized I'm sure) and it has floated around in my stuff as I moved out of my home office. Every time I came across it I laughed and stuck it in another box or drawer. I guess I have a bit of the pack rat in me. You think? But we aren't as bad as the lady in that picture.

And in further confessions:
  • I tend to stash stuff in my car or under the stairs as a temporary measure. My car has a bunch of audio tapes I'm listening too 'one last time' and spare clothes and such I convinced myself are there in case I'm at the club and realize I need clean undies or socks or jeans or whatever I might have forgotten. Naturally I store my tennis equipment, practice balls and new balls there. Currently I've stashed too lithographs I'm giving away and need to drop off plus one of the cable company's boxes I need to return. (Sadly, after I return this one, we will still have three. I returned another one the other day.)
  • The area under the stairs is a good cautionary reminder. While it isn't very high, it probably has almost as many square feet as our storage area will at the condo. It fills up quickly.
  • Books, precious and cataloged or unsorted and questionable, weigh a lot!
  • I have conned FFP into running the shredder until it overheats. (And starting again when it cools down.) Thankless work, shredding. We should do it in a more timely fashion. Checks from 1989? Yikes.
  • No matter how many folders and file boxes you buy or does not create organization.
  • I am typing this because I wore myself out moving stuff from one room to another. There was a purpose, however. The origin room has to have floors refinished.
  • There will be no garage sale. Everyone wants to know when it is. It is happening at our favorite thrift store. Or you have to put in your dibs for stuff to be given or sold to you directly. No. Garage. Sale.
  • Everyone has advice about downsizing and selling our house. And I'm really sort of tired of hearing it.

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