Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm No Expert

Some time back in 2001 I shot this picture of collectibles and stuff I had in the spare bedroom. The shiny toy cars, I gave away. The battered Tonka VW still decorates our bedroom and I hope to take it along to the condo and find a book shelf or spot for it. The old Pick Up Sticks were given away, I think, but I'm not sure where. The Band-Aids with the South African flag motifs? I stuck those in the medicine in the spare bathroom along with a little tin of aspirin (remember those 'push both corners to open' tins?). I thought it would amuse those guest who open the medicine cabinet to see what's in there.

The flask with old Russian medals I think I gave to the thrift store or the Settlement Club garage sale. I saved the bendable posable figure because it is an old one. But I'm not entirely sure where it is.

I'm no expert on anything collectible but I know a little about bendable, posable (collectible) figures. The oldest you will find probably say 'Made in West Germany' on one foot or a leg or the back. Made there after the war and before the economy recovered. Then the manufacture of such cheap toys moved to Japan, then Hong Kong then China. Detailed painting (with lead?) disappeared along the way.

I'm no expert on much of anything, collectible or otherwise. I never got too deeply into the ins and outs of the things I was attracted to or collected idly. I would buy a globe or a toy because it was cool-looking or reminded me of something. I did buy books about toy collecting (as you can see here) but truthfully I just glanced through them and said 'cool' and then put them on the shelf. (I've given those away to my sister.)

And your point is, LB? Nothing. I'm no expert and I've no need to keep things unless I just like them. And, you know, have room for them.

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