Friday, April 04, 2008

Losing Track of Myself

I'm losing track of myself (and my stuff). I still haven't gotten the stuff (never mind the furniture) moved out of my office. This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago. Some of this stuff is boxed up now, if not cataloged. In an attempt to move my stuff out of the office I have lost track of at least one box of stuff. I'm sure it's here somewhere! That always makes me feel lost and out of sorts. It wasn't anything critical, though. I know where my (unmailed) 2007 tax return is as well as the 1977 one I found. (Conveniently since it was the year we moved into this house and has the sale and purchase of principal residence stuff.)

I moved all the photo prints out of my office. Most of them are in archival sheets but not very well-organized. Some are in those old photo boxes and cheap albums. I'm sure I could 'reduce' this pile. But it takes up, I estimate, about six cubic feet of space. This is stuff that is hard to give up. But definitely there are some candidates for reduction. I'm going to have to make a big push to get out of that room by Monday. The storage area under the stairs is filling up again with full boxes. Plus I have piled the photos in the living room. And they have to move again to get out of the way of the floor refinishing. I swear it's like one of these puzzles where the numbers on the squares keep changing.

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