Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Shape of Things

The picture? From inside the giant tent erected for the festivities last weekend at the Long Center out to the 'ring' and the west terrace. Interesting light and shapes.

Lives take up a shape. Mine is now an ebb and flow of stuff, calendar choices and decisions. I had to think hard about priorities the last few days. Well, family comes first of course. Then health and well-being. (This includes the exercise that keeps getting pushed aside by lower priorities! What's up with that?) Then this whole shelter thing and its financial implications. Close on that? Social fun like eating out and the arts. Then...casual tennis. I love it, I do. Then my writing. Then competitive tennis. (I sub for teams that aim to, um, win. Not that I don't try to win every point in my casual tennis. I do. But it's different, the competitive stuff. And not in a good way.)

Stuff has been flowing around the house. Some goes out, of course. To the thrift store and to people who come by to get stuff. Into recycling. Into the shredder. But some stuff has just moved (and not by itself!) to another room or been boxed up and stuck under the stairs. I need to move out of my old office. But it is stacked with stuff I'm sorting from the spare room. What's up with that? As we touch stuff and touch it again, though, we keep getting more and more brutal. Time is short. Stuff still seems to be winning.

My dad will have to have two more operations on his eye. Family duties rise up. And they are, of course, most important.


deb said...

We send our best wishes for your dad.

My mom is supposed to go for cataract surgery today. She managed to wake up with a head cold. Soooo, who knows, but I'm driving her there this morning.

Linda Ball said...

I called to tell my dad's sister in Maine about Dad's eyes and she has macular degeneration (wet in one eye and dry in the other) and her husband has some as yet diagnosed problem with vision. Since they spend March-November needing to drive themselves around Maine and November-March needing to drive themselves around the DFW Metroplex, I'm hoping one of them retains the ability to drive! Hopefully both. Hrumph.