Monday, April 21, 2008

Face the Music

The simpler life? I want it. Slowly, slowly we have less stuff. Bags of shredded paperwork for accounts long forgotten are collecting. FFP took another load to the thrift store today including some framed posters that we tried to give away. They were either too big for people's space or didn't go with their decor. The thrift store will find a home for them, maybe get a few dollars. I am getting nostalgic for this place. We've been out in the yard a few times lately to sit with a friend or 'show it off.' "Won't you mis it?" they say. A little maybe. We show people pieces of furniture we won't be taking. The silhouettes of dogs on the back of three of the custom-made metal chairs. The fourth chair doesn't have one. There was never a fourth dog. There are some posters in Forrest's office that I love. I am seeing more of them now that it is my office, too. I don't think there will be room for them in the condo. I am giving up some of my glassware 'collection,' too. I offered some cordial glasses from a small bar in the big room to a friend and have to pack them up. I have a dozen or so unique cordial and shot glasses that I prefer to take rather than these less interesting matched ones. I wonder when I acquired them. Maybe we had a party and served liqueurs so I bought a bunch?

I keep thinking that one day I'll look around and everything will be sorted, packed, thinned down...all the discards tossed and the give-aways in new homes and us able to float lightly to the tenth floor of the downtown high rise. Reality intervenes, though. Something needs to be repaired at my dad's house and I see stuff there that needs to be gone and I realize we have two other houses besides this one to worry about. And of course adding the condo to the mix before we sell this house is making it more complicated. But it's a path that leads to simplification. I hope.

Yesterday's flurry of comments produced seven readers. Hmmm, not tens. Not a score. A handful? It's a very impressive group of folks, though.

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