Tuesday, April 15, 2008

When Things Aren't As They Seem

What have we here? Two iMacs? With very Windows XP appearing screens. There are also more wires in this photo than I'd like. These babies operate wirelessly just fine, but when making backups to their time machine it's faster going over a wire. I really like the wireless keyboard and mouse except that there's no number pad. For that you need a wired one. (Oh, I could have tried my USB wireless number pad I suppose but it isn't all pretty and aluminum and all.) I didn't catch it in this picture but there's a camera wire peeking around from the back of the right one. Last time I bought a digital camera I made fun of people who would buy one with a wireless feature. (Now they also have SD cards with wireless built in, I think. Seriously.) Now I'm thinking...hmmm.

I found something the Apple OS doesn't support, by the way. (Besides a bunch of software I'm just used to and could probably 'replace' with substitutes.) It's a gadget called Times Reader which brings a facsimile of The New York Times to your computer. They only have it for XP and Vista. Unfortunately, it requires .Net 3.0 Framework for XP. This software seems to have made my VMware image of XP slow to restart (after a little hiccup installing where I had to give it a boot to the head). As usual, 'a version for Macintosh users is planned.' How very quaint, spelling out Macintosh.

I love the poster in this picture, by the way. It's a reproduction, but it's a great one and beautifully framed, I think. I think it works with our color scheme for the condo. Maybe I'll keep it until we prove we can't hang it there.

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Anonymous said...


Just catching up on your news. Yikes you have a lot on your plate - hope it tastes better than it sounds. Love Seven Degrees - one of my favorite movies too.

Keep posting - a good outlet. Say hello to FP for us.

Your friends in WA.