Monday, April 14, 2008

I Guess I'm An Opsimath

Word of the day: opsimath. [Confession: I'm spending lots more time upstairs now that all my computers are up here. There is a book of obscure words in the toilet.] For those of you not inclined to follow a link:

Definition: a person who becomes a student or learner late in life
Etymology: Greek 'late in learning'

Perhaps it is too late for me to learn to be organized. Perhaps it is too late for me to make sense of the Apple OS. If anyone needs someone to stress test Windows XP, I can put it into a tizzy. I'm trying to do everything on my condo-bound machine. Pretty well succeeded with some archives to move. But there were hiccups. And my VMware XP is no longer snappy to restart. Hmmm.

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