Monday, March 31, 2008

Color Me Weary

The picture shows us recently reflected in a dress shop window that reflects our future home. (And also the new AMLI building.) We might have been taking our mini-vacation. Anyway, I edited the picture during our mini-vacation. We are planning another mini-vacation soon. But right now I'm embroiled in um, computers, end of month financial stuff, end of quarter stuff, and downsizing, downsizing, sorting, yada. I guess I partied too hard over the weekend or something. Or I'm having allergies. I thought I was going to have to go play tennis this morning and I felt awful last night with weird stuff. I'm going to try to ignore it until it goes away. Or go take some Advil and decongestants. Meanwhile, I want to say that working on the Mac tempts me to try to go all Mac. I've just discovered QuickBooks is available for the Mac. Hmm...well, not to get ahead of myself, I'll just get Windows working on the Mac machine....

I'm in a weird disjointed mood. Part of it is that I've moved my computing upstairs and this dislocation is making things seem weird. Imagine when I move out of the house. In the condo it will be all new, though, and not just moving to a different part of the house to do something I'm used to doing elsewhere.

I'm such a wimp. I'm also off on my exercise program. Too much tennis and distracted by other things. This, too, shall pass. Just do the chores, one at a time. I've taken care of some of the EOM stuff. I'm going to shower and take my dad to a doctor's appointment. I'm going to work on planning condo built-ins this evening.

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