Saturday, March 08, 2008

Nothing Coherent to Say

I haven't given myself too much Visible Woman time this morning. We don't have a schedule, but there are things I want to get done. I didn't have a tennis match this morning. (The ladies I play with couldn't get enough people together. Which is OK because I did a workout yesterday with a team much better than I. Thursday was a washout but I did play Tuesday and, as I mentioned in passing, it was truly glorious.)

This picture is of FFP in New York with the section of Berlin wall that is somewhere on 53rd Street (I think). It's a thing I do: take pictures of sections of the Berlin Wall where I find them. Has this one been further tagged in New York? Don't know. I took a picture here long ago but I would be hard-pressed to find it.

I'm a little worried about the downsizing projects. They seem to have slowed down. But I think that is only because I was immersed in taxes and such for a few days. In any case, time to get serious. Monday we are moving some furniture to our other house and to my in-laws' house. I do realize that it isn't exactly like getting rid of it, but feel free to point that out!

First, though, I think I'll get a workout and ponder how to get moving on the downsizing thing. I fear that in some realms we've reached the point where getting rid of more stuff is hard. We keep applying a finer and finer screen until what has survived seems precious. That's not completely true, of course. I think there are things we haven't even looked at yet, to be honest. But it does look like we will touch everything seventeen times (or some prime number of times) before we decide its fate.

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