Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Story Worth Telling

This is a popular thing to do in the digital age, I know. Taking pictures of people taking pictures with their little screens just visible. This is another picture from MOMA. I like taking pictures in museums but not just of the art and objects. I like to have people interacting with the art. It makes my story of the museum one alive with the other patrons. I've shown a few others in recent days from the MOMA visit. One of my favorite in this genre is from the Musée d'Orsay and is shown here.

Are my pictures worthwhile? Worth looking at? Is my story worth telling?

This has been a topic I've batted around in the last few days. Here and here. I even had a conversation with one loyal reader on the topic. [Ed. Note: The rest of them are loyal, too. Just, um, respectfully quiet.]

This inspired me to look back at my old journal where I had topics like Who, What, When, Why and Where. The Who is a little bio. It is a place to start with a story that is really sort of boring. [Ed. Note: You had to revise it before you wanted to point people to it. A life story keeps changing until (and perhaps after) death.] My story is a mixture of the true and the false, the well-remembered and distorted and, of course, the completely forgotten. Like every story.

Anyway, it's something to do, pondering a memoir, to distract me from other things. Downsizing has reached a gut-wrenching point that I might discuss tomorrow. And I'm also thinking about writing about how blogs and memoirs in books differ. Writing about writing. The dodge of the blocked writer? Talk among yourselves.


deb said...

So, now I'm disrespectful (giggle). I love it. I don't think I've ever been called that before. Yeah, you didn't do it directly, nevertheless...

Best to you and FFP.

Linda Ball said...

I was, as I'm sure you figured out, poking fun at my other (two? three?) readers who lurk. Don't you think it's nicer to say they are respectfully quiet? You, though, are respectfully conversational. Thanks for talking back and not just lurking!

deb said...

Yep, just thought the twist was fun.

I semi lurk on Rob's blog. I rarely comment, but when I do it is under a name that another person who lurks there won't recognize. It's actually as a challenge to that person who is a real life friend. She has yet to figure out 'who' I am.

If you would like a few more weird readers, I'd be happy to list you on my blog sidebar! Your call. Some people like that, some don't.

Linda Ball said...

I used to think my lack of readers (or comments because I don't track hits any longer)was that I carefully didn't promote my site especially when I worked. (I actually went to JournalCon here in Austin after I retired and didn't list my domain in the program!) But after John Bailey listed me in his side bar and I still had few comments I figured I was a, um, less ecumenical taste.

deb said...

Well, you didn't answer my question. But then I didn't answer your's, did I?

Respectfully quiet...nicely put. I'd go for 'chicken'! Sometimes it's difficult to put opinions or comments 'out there' for fear of what others may think of you. Of course, some folks incorrectly think that their opinions don't matter. Aging helps rid one of that fear!

I will get around to putting your blog in my sidebar list unless you scream NO. I don't have a lot of regular readers but the several that do are a nice bunch and an extremely diversified group. I found your blog from Rob's. I wish I could remember what post it was that hooked me.

Linda Ball said...

I think that is the answer: I no longer scream 'NO!' or even whimper 'no' but I don't encourage it either. I was sort of inordinately proud that John Bailey put me in his sidebar since his journal seems wildly popular. (I read it every day.)

It is funny what keeps us coming back to another individual's journal. Our bouncing around reading on the WEB is, in a way, our own creation of content even when we aren't writing or commenting but only rearranging the experience in our own way.

deb said...

Well drat, I still don't know 'the' answer! With that in mind, it shall be put there and if you find you want it removed, let me know.

I'm off to a bit of mall-ing and then to a celebratory dinner. We are celebrating that I finally got my mom's prescription plan straightened out.

Linda Ball said...

Wow! That's something to celebrate. And it will be interesting to see who arrives from your blog to mine.