Thursday, March 27, 2008

Texas Chic

Yes, faithful reader (or is it readers today as in more than one?) you have followed my fashion emergencies in this space before. Here and here and here and here and here and here....and on and on. Lot's of fashion talk for a girl with no fashion sense!

This long (as they all are in Austin in retirement) weekend is certainly presenting its challenges.

Tonight is not too bad. Business wear will do. One of my old custom made business suits and perhaps a little bit of fancy on the blouse will carry me through a reception for inaugurating a plaque in the Long Center and an Austin Cabaret Theatre performance.

Friday night is the big deal party at the Long Center. Black tie. Not that simple for women. I made a desultory stop at one shop to see if I could spark up my black tie sartorial choices. Then I decided: The Long Center is all about recycle and reuse. So, definitely, dig through the offerings of my own closet and should someone be rude enough to point out that they've seen my get-up (good Texas phrase for outfit!) before, I'll have a ready answer: "recycle, reduce, reuse." Would someone dare mention they'd seen an outfit before? Yes, it has happened!

Saturday night the Long Center stuff continues with a performance and the official costume instructions are 'Texas Chic.' I never know what that means.

The photo was taken of a vandalized window at Allen's Boots on South Congress on Saturday or Sunday. Once again, in spite of the Texas Chic thing, I won't buy boots. I have some bolo ties handy though.


deb said...

I love the idea of getting 'gussied up' but hate actually doing it.

Even business dress for tunings and meeting clients sort of interferes with my day. Got home from a tuning today and immediately headed for the old jeans, men's thermal top (yes, it's still cold here and I'm jealous of anyone where it is above 70°), and sweatshirt.

Ahhhhhh, comfort.

francie said...

I don't really blog, but I googled "Texas Chic" and your blog site came up......who woulda thunk? Anyway, I, too, am attending all of the Long Center events this weekend. Friday night is a tie, I've got that down. But, Texas Chic ALWAYS throws me! And, I am a Texas girl, born and bred. My cowboy boots were cheap, not too ugly, and uncomfortable.....I've had them for years. I broke down today and went to Cowboy Cool on 2nd street. I thought I would be able to buy some cheap, but better than not too ugly boots.....I was wrong. They weren't cheap, but they were much better than not too ugly. I told the sales girls that I had a real problem spending $1600 on a pair of boots that I would only wear to "Texas Chic" parties when I could buy a fabulous Balenciaga or Fendi bag for the same amount. Well, I broke down and bought a great looking pair of boots (NOT the $1600 I can assure you)......but, now my dilemna is that I have some really cool boots that are much better than not too ugly, but I have nothing to wear with them! Maybe I should throw on the same dress that I am wearing Friday night with my new boots for the Saturday night gig.....

Linda Ball said...

That's hilarious that you are looking down the barrel of the same fashion shotgun as I am and you found *MY* blog!

Say hello at the event. I'll be the one escorting by three men who all dress better than I! I wouldn't want to distract from them...or the beauty of the Long Center.

Annie in Austin said...

Your fashion posts have always cracked me up, Linda... you may not follow any fashion rules, but you do have that elusive quality called a personal style.

And since you always look the same, your friends don't walk past you, fooled by a new hair color and hairdo.

I hope you all have a wonderful time.

Garden-blogging Annie