Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Space is Shrinking

We are actively moving out of rooms. This makes the shrinking of space palpable. And frightening. We are moving to a small space in a big building. (This picture was taken from Colorado Street, I believe, looking west. Our new place will be around the tiny red triangle.) In twelve hundred square feet, there isn't room for frivolous stuff. Like. Too. Many. Books. I am becoming more ruthless about giving them away. Read it? Would you read again? Haven't read it? Is a decent-looking copy available at Alibris, Amazon or Powell's that you could get if the time comes that you make the time to read it? Still, it's hard. There are so many. We must get out of the way of the painting and floor refinishing so we are shrinking down to where we can be living and storing things. Maybe this is good. A way to see what will fit.

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deb said...

The love of books is a huge weight. Literally and figuratively! I've gotten lots better about it since downsizing to 700 square feet! Our local library is part of a larger consortium and they cross lend books. I can go to their website, request a book(s) and then my library calls me when they get here. THEN, if it's a book I decide that I want to own, I'll go out and buy it. There are a few exceptions like Rob's book and Jayne's books (netcrimes.net) that I just go out and buy.