Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Study in Black and Gray

I took this shot in MOMA in New York when we were there. (Which seems like ages ago now.) I like the motion and the (lack of) color palate and the way the guard and the gal taking a picture bookend the picture and the way the wall color and painting (actually a manipulated photo) cooperate in making a new work of art with the people. (Ha. That's me pretending my photography is art!)

What is also amusing about this picture is that MOMA is mounting a new show this week ( “Color Chart: Reinventing Color, 1950 to Today”) with an emphasis on color. And in The New York Times a guard was featured wearing a vest designed for the show in an article about it. It could be the same guard!

I mentioned the weather in my last post so I have to confess that the weather for tennis was so glorious that it dismissed my thoughts of politics, downsizing and taxes. Mostly. And I did get my in-laws taxes finished. Otherwise I wasn't too productive.

I'm getting nostalgic for this house. And we are starting to face some logistic issues. A couch we bought for the condo is being delivered so we have to have it delivered here and moved to the condo later. But we can't put it where the couch we gave away was because we are going to refinish the floor in that room. And it's spring so we have to at least supervise a lot of yard work. Well, FFP does, bless him. Anyway, as we move and touch all this stuff, there are lots of memories and impressions of comfort that we feel we might be giving up. This confusion and these feeling are inevitable, I imagine.

As part of my sorting and sifting, I bring things into my (still FAIRLY neat!) office and let them sit there while I decide what to do with them. Currently I have some magazines from the '30's and '60's, two clay beer mugs from Munich and a set of cards with an accompanying book called "The Observation Deck" which is designed to inspire creativity. Ha. You mean like actually writing something besides a blog?

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deb said...

Oh now you *sound* like an artist.

Actually, truthfully, this photo, and many more you've posted are *very* arty.